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Guest Post Submission Related Details in Deepawali Blog

Hello, my dear friend and readers,

First of all, I want to thank you all of reaching out to my personal page. If you are a follower of Deepawali website, then you are already aware of me and my life’s philosophy. If you are new to this page, then I urge you to check out the website. Click on the link to get check out what we have in store for you. You can also enjoy these contents by accessing our Facebook page and Twitter account. I hope your experience on the site will be enjoyable and enriching.

I had a flair for writing since my childhood days. The development of the virtual platform was nothing less than a blessing for me. I was not only able to gather information on a number of subjects but was also able to write blogs on them. The internet gave me the opportunity to get to like-minded people who love to read my blogs. I started with a personal page that I handled on my own. Soon, the number of readers increased, and they began demanding blogs on more subjects. I was encouraged by my readers to create a separate portal for posting my blogs. It laid the foundation for Deepawali. Now I have a team of writers and editors, who work round the clock to keep the site at the top of the chats. If you want to be a part of this team, then I invite you to write guest blogs for my page and get in touch with millions of readers from all over the world.

I am happy to declare that Deepawali is one of the most popular blogging sites in India that offer content on news and entertainment. Many bloggers have worked with us and increase our content inventory. We have more than 77 thousand likes on Facebook. The overwhelming support of our readers has made us one of the top blogging sites in India. If you too want to create your identity in the blogging sector, then I give you the opportunity to join my team and me. All you need is to come up with interest topics and an engaging tone that will keep the readers glued to the page.

Why should you join Deepawali as a Paid Guest Blogger?

Team Deepawali has been associated with blogging for many years now. If you want to create your reader base, then we have the perfect platform. You will be able to reach out to different audience categories and enhance your base as well. Additionally, your name will be mentioned in the author section. It will help you to carve your niche in the blogging world. As Deepawali has very high traffic, you will get several clicks regularly.

We may allow a do follow backlinks in your blog but it should fulfil our prerequsite criteria. If you are interested then shoot us a mail at Mention “Guest Post” in the subject line.

Things you need to become a Deepawali Paid Guest Blogger

  1. Understanding the portal – Before you send in your application to join our team, I urge you to visit the site and check out the blogs and articles, which have been published already. It will not only allow you to understand the type of bogs we publish, but you will also be able to connect with the audience type.
  2. Offer worthy information to your readers – If you read the Deepawali blogs, you will see that we focus on offering proper data to our readers. You too must strive to accomplish this. Informative and worthy blogs will get more likes and shares on the virtual platform.
  3. Blogging genres – If you are interested in sharing your poems, then our site will give you an impressive platform to start with. Additionally, we also invite writers who are skilled at creating contents on informative and historical events, government schemes, sports, and entertainment topics. Deepawali has a massive reader base, and you will find your target audiences efficiently.

Essential features that the blogs must have

  1. No compromise on the quality – If you desire to join our team as a guest blogger, then you must offer quality content. We prioritize the quality of the blog above everything. If you successfully meet our quality standards, then your blogs will be posted on the Deepawali site, and other social media profiles.
  2. Exciting and impressive tone – The topic that you pick must be of relevance to our readers. It must possess the potential to get the readers booked till the end. Interesting topics and impressive stylization will help you to accomplish your aim.
  3. Mentioning credits – If you have been inspired by someone else to pen down the blog, then you can use the name of the person. We, at Deepawali, believe in giving due credit to the people who deserve it.
  4. Genuine blogs – You will have complete creative freedom on your contents. But our team will take the necessary precautions to ensure that the material is authentic. Any copied content will not be published on the site. We have faith in our guest bloggers that they will not make use of unfair means. We do not mind if you take inspiration from other blogs, but your content must be genuine and reflect your style of writing.
  5. Adding value to the blogs – Readers prefer blogs that have more value. We encourage guest bloggers to use pictures and videos in the blog. They can also insert tables, infographics, and other such elements along with the written content. These not only add value but also make the piece interesting for readers.
  6. Communicating with your readers – Readers want to express their thoughts and ideas with the author. My readers’ criticisms had helped me to get better at my craft. They had inspired me on several occasions. If you post your blogs on our website, we will pave the path for direct communication with the readers. They can comment on the write-up, and you will be able to reply to them.
  7. A platform for self-promotion – Join our team, and you will get access to a huge reader base. When your blogs are posted on our site, the readers will click on the stories for more information. As these blogs will be posted in your name, you will get a ready-made self-promoting platform. Readers will learn more about you, and soon, you will be able to create your string of loyal online followers.

If you think you have the qualities, then it is about time you take the first step that will ensure your success in the blogging sector. Get in touch with my team, and they will guide you about the entire procedure.